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Megan Hess is proud to partner up with the innovative and creative team at Canon Australia – together they aim to improve the design process in the digital age. Through this unique partnership with Canon, Megan is now able
to be printing in-house, using Canon’s professional printers to bring her chic illustrations to life.

“The benefit of printing in house is that I can keep a close eye over the detail, which is a fundamental aspect of my design process. Partnering with Canon gives me the peace of mind that the exact colours, the line work, and detail is reproduced precisely as I envisioned it,”

“In our automated and digital society anything that’s hand drawn, handmade, hand crafted or hand printed becomes very valuable. I’m excited to be part of the printing process using Canon because I know my work is truly valued when it becomes a piece of tangible art, or is something I can share with someone.”

As part of the collaboration, Canon Australia and Megan Hess hosted an exhibition of a selection of Megan’s illustrations from her Paris print collection.

Megan's desk decorated with trinkets and an illustration printed using Canon.