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“I remember walking into Le Bristol for the first time and I could barely breathe with excitement knowing that this was now my Parisian home!”

Historic grandeur and gastronomic excellence. Le Bristol is Parisian life at its most elegant.

The words 'LE BRISTOL HOTEL PARIS' with the Megan Hess logo placed above it.
Megan Hess sitting on a lounge chair in her hotel room at the Le Bristol Hotel. She is holding a tea cup next to a coffee table with a tea platter.
An illustration of a woman dressed in pink sitting on her hotel bed. Next to her is a bunch of bags.
An illustration of a woman dressed in pink, standing in front of the Le Bristol Hotel.
An illustration of a man and a woman. They are standing on the balcony of Le Bristol Hotel with a backdrop of Paris behind them.
An illustration of a woman in her hotel room. She is holding a white cat.
An illustration of a group of people at an outdoor party. There are tables with outdoor umbrellas and waiters serving drinks.
An illustration of a woman standing next to an indoor swimming pool. She is wearing a pink swimsuit and yellow sunglasses.