In 2016 Megan Hess became the global Artist in Residence for Oetker Collection. As the Artist in Residence, Megan has illustrated each of the Collection properties, located all over the world, in her own unique style.

Megan spoke of her new role; “I’m so thrilled to become the “Artist in Residence” for the Oetker Collection. As an artist, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me is travel. My work and the bespoke illustrations that I create take me all around the world on luxury projects and it is with great excitement that I will now be sketching and staying at the world’s most beautiful masterpiece hotels with the Oetker Collection. From the incredible architecture, to the finest cuisine and of course, the world’s chicest people, I will be sketching them all at each Oetker Collection property. My aim is to bring the bespoke and unique luxury of each hotel to life in illustration”.