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Megan Hess was commissioned to illustrate the famous Disney villain in her signature illustrating style to promote the luxurious live-action adaptation of Cruella de Vil, the villain from the Disney classic film, ‘101 Dalmations’.

An illustration of Disney's Cruella. The words 'Cruella' and 'Fitting in is so last season' is written.
An illustration of the Baroness. The words 'The Baroness Bon Hellman' and 'Cruella' are written.
An illustration of The Baroness. The words 'The Baroness Von Hellman' and 'Cruella' are written.
An illustration of Disney's Cruella in a red dress. The word 'Cruella' is written next to her.
Illustrations of Cruella are displayed on the desk.
Illustrations of The Baroness Von Hellman is displayed on the desk.
Megan Hess in a black suit outfit, holding an illustration of The Baroness Von Hellman.
Megan Hess in a red dress, holding a framed print of Disney's Cruella.