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There is nothing quite like the unmistakable artistry of Dior. Founded by Christian Dior in 1946, Dior debuted his first collection in 1947 to critical acclaim with Harper’s Bazaar dubbing it the ‘New Look’. This signature collection has left a lasting impression with each of Dior’s successors referencing the elegant designs.

An illustration of a woman in a black jumpsuit, sitting on top of a huge Dior bag.
A portrait illustration of a woman in a pink dress. She is wearing red lipstick and a pearl choker.
An illustration of hot air balloons carrying Dior perfume. In the center a woman in a dress is hanging off of the pink perfume.
An illustration of a woman in a dainty ribbon frame. She is dressed in a black suit outfit.
An illustrated portrait of a woman in a pink suit outfit. To her right are the words written 'Christian Dior'.
An illustration of group of people posed in front of a Dior storefront. There is a woman in the center in a pink Dior dress.