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There aren’t many colours more recognisable than the signature brown and white stripe of New York’s Henri Bendel. Henri Bendel was known for its brand of handbags, jewellery, luxury fashion accessories, home fragrances and gifts. Henri Bendel was the first retailer to have its own fragrance, to offer in-store makeovers, and to stage its own fashion show.

An illustration of a room decorated with black, brown and white decor. There is a woman sitting on top a brown lounge seat. Behind her is a framed print of a girl with the words 'HENRI'.
Two Henri Bendel products including an illustrated tote bag and an illustrated desk tray.
An arrangement of illustrated Henri Bendel products, including a bag, coffee cup, desk tray, print and more.
An illustration of a woman walking in front of the Henri Bendel store front. Around her are other woman holding Henri Bendel shopping bags.
An illustration of woman dressed in black and holding Henri Bendel bags.