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The world’s most important producer of cultured pearls, Paspaley, creates jewellery inspired by the individuality of each pearl with superior quality being the hallmark of the Paspaley brand. The Australian company, founded in 1935, cultivates and retails South Sea Pearls for luxury destinations around the world.

An illustration of a woman dressed in black and pearls. To the left is the Paspaley logo.
An illustration of a cruise ship with the words 'Paspaley Pearls'. On the ship is a Christmas tree and a group of people dressed in yellow and blue
A portrait of Megan Hess wearing Paspaley pearls.
An illustration of a group of people are a party. They are dressed in formal gold, white and black attire. In the distance is a Christmas tree.
An illustration of a woman in a black dress. She is wearing a hate and holding a pair of binoculars. The background is yellow.