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Wedgwood is quintessentially English with their designs being widely acknowledged as timeless, elegant, classic and understated. The fine china, porcelain and luxury accessories manufacturer was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood in England.

An illustration of people at a tea room party. They are dressed in pink, blue and cream. There are tables decorated with desserts, tea cups and flowers. The back wall is decorated with ornate blue flowers.
An illustration of a woman and man standing in front of a hotel with their luggage. To the left there is a blue Wedgwood taxi.
An illustration of a woman surrounded by a bunch of blue present boxes. She is holding a big white present box with a blue ribbon in front of her.
An illustration of a blue Wedgwood car. Sitting on top of the engine is a woman dressed in a blue jumpsuit. There are blue presents sitting on top of the car. Behind them is a backdrop of London.
An illustration of a group of woman sitting around a table, enjoying a drink. On the table are desserts, flowers and tea. They are dressed in pink and cream and surrounded by green foliage.