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Megan’s love for decorating has certainly been translated through the design of her beloved home. Megan’s apartment is actually the entire roof of an 18th century church converted into a luxurious four bedroom apartment.

“I initially thought the space was completely crazy. The location was perfect and it was enormous BUT it was a roof. My husband and I took photos, scanned them into the computer and started to discover how it would work if we completely created the entire space from scratch. As soon as we did that, I knew it would be perfect.”

Megan’s style has been inspired by the many beautiful places she has seen and experienced in her travels over the years. In particular, the Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz Paris has always been a room Megan has adored and was a source of inspiration for her living room design.

“My home is very eclectic, it’s filled with all the things we’ve collected over the years from our travels. There’s also lots of my artwork, the pieces that are special to me. We wanted our home to feel elegant and chic but also be tough!! We wanted our kids to be kids and run free through the house. No matter how much I travel, there is still no place like home.”