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Array by Mirvac

Megan partnered with esteemed property group, Mirvac, for her first interior design project.

“Bringing my illustrations to life in a physical space and creating a home that feels like a living work of art was always going to be the natural next step to me. To be given such a beautiful blank canvas and free rein to create a high fashion home above Melbourne – a truly chic and artistic city – is a dream come true.”

From bespoke art work, to custom Fendi sofas, to ottomans hand crafted in Versace fabrics, to Tom Ford toiletries, this truly was the ultimate fashion penthouse.

“I started with the art in almost each room, because for me that makes the most sense. We worked on the main, large-scale artwork as the first piece and for me that was the very beginnings of the palette for the entire apartment, and the mood and theme. Not being a traditional interior designer I approached it differently to how an interior designer would.”

All the cushions and artwork have been tailored for the space – they won’t be repeated anywhere else – and Megan wanted that to be something very special for the owner, that everything from the cushions to the wallpaper and the linens are completely bespoke.