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A Scent Soiree

By August 29, 2023No Comments

How to pick the right candle for you!

Picking a scent can be a tough decision, but I have made a helpful guide on how to pick the right candle depending on the room! All of my candle vessels are created in the finest French porcelain in Monaco, and each one is adorned with one of my chic illustrations!

The natural-based wax is from Grasse, France and you will get 55-60 hours of burn time with each one.

Bedroom & Study

Dressed to Kill is warm and welcoming, a perfect scent to keep you company while you work or slumber!

This candle has the comforting and warm notes of Sandalwood and mahogany followed by the lingering scent of leather and amber that adds a touch of exotic intrigue. This alluring aroma is balanced by an unexpected rose essence to give it a soft velvety finish.


Heir to the Throne merges rich floral top notes with velvety, woody undertones to create a unique yet appealing aroma. It’s soft scent is my favourite for when I want to spend a bit of time pampering in the bathroom – especially if enjoying a long soak with a book.

Kitchen & Living

Spoilt Rotten has to be my favourite from the collection! I can’t have it burn anywhere else but the kitchen or living room as it transports me to the heart of a French bakery with its teasing aroma of freshly baked brioche, warm butter and fleur de sel!

It is deliciously soft with a sweet finish of French vanilla and caramel – the perfect accompaniment when baking on a Spring afternoon!


To get the best use of your candle always take good care of it. Following these handy tips will give you the best use of your lovely candle!

Always trim the wick before you use your candle. A shorter flame is safer and gives an even burn. A long flame can cause smoke and ruin your candle.

Light your candle for at least three hours on the first burn so you get an even melt – this will avoid tunnelling.

To finish your burn, gently blow out the flame or use a candle extinguisher. This is to prevent wax spilling.

Always burn your candle on a flat and stable surface, and never leave it unattended!


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