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Behind the Scenes: Prints

By March 27, 2024March 28th, 2024No Comments

Each of my fine art prints start as a little spark of an idea before becoming the final work you get to hang in your home!

Come along with me as I go into my process and to discover the journey of my fine art prints.



Before I can get my tools out, I need to be inspired. I’m inspired by the world around me; music, my travels – you never really know when inspiration will strike!

But to get the ideas flowing, I look to books – such as fashion and architecture. Also my desk space is kept tidy and filled with things I love which is a great source of inspiration – even a bouquet of flowers can spark an idea!


Before I start creating, I like to make a moodboard. It helps keep me inspired and gives me direction – especially when working on a large project like a print collection!

When I start designing, I love working traditionally first with my trusted Montblanc pen – Monty. I then touch up digitally, but I love being able to work traditionally. There is nothing quite like the glide of pen on paper!


All of my prints are printed in the studio as I love being able to check the colours and that everything is looking perfect before it comes to you!

Every single print is printed to order and checked over. When creating a new collection, I always like to do a test run to see how they look and that the colours and detailing is coming through nicely.


All of my fine art prints are signed by me before they are sent out to their new homes!

If they are a limited edition print, they are also editioned. I always gets so excited doing the first edition of a new print!


Once signed and sealed up, the print is then delivered to you!

All prints are packaged securely and wrapped in my signature tissue paper for that extra special touch.

It’s so exciting seeing all the different places my art is sent to! Knowing that someone on the other side of the world has a piece of my art in their home never fails to make me smile!

All prints are produced to order and will take 5 – 10 business days to be processed and dispatched. All fine art prints will be hand-signed by Megan Hess before being packed and ready for shipping.

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