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Adventures in the South of France…

Looking back on 2019 and all the incredible projects I was lucky enough to work on, one that really stands out is my work with Chopard, an iconic Swiss company known for their handcrafted watches and fine jewellery. I was commissioned by Chopard to illustrate for them at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival as well as designing and illustrating the Cannes Red Carpet book by Chopard – showcasing the world’s most incredible jewels. I incorporated the Chopard jewels into each illustration, with each page telling the story of the chic Chopard woman travelling through Italy to the South of France to end up in Cannes for the most magical evening of her life…

What was so great about this project was that allowed me to work with the most inspiring jewellery that I had ever seen. I could dream and create a different world to anything that I had worked on before. After working on the book for almost a year, we launched the book on opening night at Cannes and it was one of the most unforgettable nights of my career. During the event, attended by Chopard’s most valued customers, I illustrated live, creating bespoke illustrations of the guests in their breathtaking couture looks wearing the most magnificent Chopard jewelry I had ever seen. I saw more diamonds and Hollywood’s finest in 24 hours to last me a lifetime. I kept asking myself.. ‘Is this real?’

Megan at the Cannes Red Carpet book launch party
One of Megan’s beautiful illustrations for the Red Carpet Book. A chic character with an exquisite dress made of Chopard jewels

After the excitement of the festival, I made the most of being on the other side of the world by visiting my favourite spot in the South of France, Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc. I am currently the Artist in Residence for the Oetker Collection (of which Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc is a part of) so it is always so unbelievably special when I get the opportunity to stay in the iconic hotel. It has such a rich history and just wandering around the grounds you can really immerse yourself in how the hotel seamlessly combines old-world glamour with modern luxury. You can enjoy a luxurious massage and an exceptional meal overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, explore the French Riviera and the historic Hilltowns… but my favourite part? The hotel’s phenomenal chocolate atelier, Lilian Bonnefoi! Lilian and his incredible team create the finest luxury handmade chocolates that are almost too good to eat.. Almost!!

I love the South of France, it’s truly one of my favourite destinations in the whole world and I feel so fortunate that my work has allowed me to experience the beauty and wonder of this place. Now I am just counting the seconds until I can go back! PS… keep an eye out for the Cannes 2020 Red Carpet book when you’ll see my illustrations once again on the cover of the book and all throughout.. What an honour!

Megan’s illustration of the iconic Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc
The stunning backdrop of Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc
Relaxing in the chicest spot in the South of France

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