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Celebrating Christian Dior

By January 21, 2024February 8th, 2024No Comments
An illustration of group of people posed in front of a Dior storefront. There is a woman in the center in a pink Dior dress.

Today, the 21st of January, is Christian Dior’s birthday!

For me, the name Christian Dior will always be synonymous with fashion. And not just any fashion, but revolutionary and timeless couture that continues to endure and amaze in the 21st Century.

When I wrote my book, Christian Dior: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Master, I was able to explore the life of this incredible designer. It was fascinating to learn about the life of the man who brought the world the New Look and revolutionised the way women dress in the 1940s and 50s.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit the flagship Dior store in Paris on Avenue Montaigne. It is so much more than a store and is somewhere I can easily spend an entire day lost in.

Le Galerie Dior – a permanent exhibition of the Monsieur Dior’s designs which includes the original offices of the maison – is part of the flagship and is nothing short of magical. Being able to step inside the world of this celebrated designer gives me goosebumps!

You can view my trip there in more details here and you can also watch my reel below from when I was taken on a personal tour of the exhibit.


The Lady Dior Bag is on my wishlist! The grey and gold are just a classic combination…

Oil painting of Monsieur Dior.
Peek the reel here for a closer look!

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