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Feature: Coffee Cups

By October 12, 2023No Comments

The first thing I think of when waking up is my morning coffee. Over the years, I have collected so many of my porcelain cups that it can be difficult to decide which to use.   As well as keeping your coffee nice and warm, there are more ways to use my porcelain cups than just for your (first, second….or third!) coffee of the day.


      I use mine most frequently for my morning coffee – usually a cappuccino. Of course, you can fill them with whatever you desire such as your favourite tea or even a cosy hot chocolate!   If you haven’t already, you can discover my own range of tea here.

On the desk!


      Not only are the coffee cups great for keeping my morning coffee safe and warm, I have also been using them as decor in other parts of my house and studio. And when you have as many pens as I do, they need to be stored somewhere that is beautiful and, most importantly for an artist, inspiring!


 I love flowers and having them all around the studio – they brighten some of those wet days and are endlessly inspiring to me as an artist. To bring a smile to my face, I’ve been using the cups as mini vases – sometimes even matching the colour of the cup to the flowers I have picked that week.


My last tip for coffee cups is to use them for storing makeup brushes!  I want my makeup brushes easy to access so keeping them in one of my illustrated cups is a great way to store them and also keep them looking beautifully presented.

Keeping your brushes safe!
Each coffee cup is made of fine porcelain and comes with a 100% silicone lid.

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