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Meet Oli and Basil, the dashing frogs of travel, in my very first World of Claris story!

Oli is an artist who dreams up wild, fabulous machines, but he doesn’t know how to build them. And Basil is a master craftsman who can build anything from scratch – except he doesn’t know what to build. If only there were a way that these two dashing frogs could become friends!

Behind the scenes of drawing Oli & Basil
Oli & Basil are looking dapper!

For those of you that have followed the journey of my chic little mouse, Claris! you will know that these two gorgeous frogs have been there right from the start. From the very first Claris book, I knew that one day I would get to tell the story of who these mysterious frogs were. In the spirit of everything I do, Oli and Basil are here to make you smile, tug at your heart and make you feel like anything in the world is possible!

Click here to buy the book and find out more! I really hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I’ve loved creating it!
All dressed up in green
The beautiful Oli & Basil book cover

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