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Introducing: The Velvet Messenger

By March 20, 2024No Comments
Stories stitched and spun with gold, in far-off lands, forever told.
From tiny huts to kingdoms wide, every girl has a Queen inside.

The second tale in the Young Queens Collection is now available to order!!! 

One cold and misty morning, Violet saw the shining gleam of a key left in the snow – belonging to the Queen. She didn’t know who’d brought it through the forest to her door. Just that it must be returned, a fact one can’t ignore…

The Velvet Messenger is a mysterious, heartwarming fairy tale about trusting your gut.

Violet was bewildered, but also brave and bold.
She travelled on alone amid the forest’s icy cold.

Filled with beautifully illustrated spreads

A new fairytale full of whimsy and charm!

Young Violet May lives deep in the winter forest with her mother, the most renowned locksmith in the village. Violet’s mother has taught her many things, but the two most important were how to pick a lock in an emergency, and to always trust your instincts.

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The second book in the Young Queens Collection!

The start of a new adventure…

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