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Megan’s Favourite Fashion Week Shows

By March 13, 2024May 13th, 2024No Comments

The excitement of Fashion Week has now concluded but that doesn’t mean I have stopped daydreaming about it!

I am always so excited to see what the designers have been working on and to spot what’s trending with them.

I’ve picked five of my favourite shows to share with you all, I hope you will feel as inspired as I do!

1. Chloé

This collection just makes me sigh with happiness! The floating, diaphanous fabric and dreamy silhouettes of Chloé’s Fall Ready to Wear collection is just beautiful. You can see the 70’s influence and it gives a collection a sense of nostalgia that really fosters that ethereal feeling.

Chloe Fall 2024

2. Valentino

Oh, Valentino! This show was transporting. The models all dressed in swathes of black walked to music by Alexandre Desplat – I love his musical scores! The mix of sheer fabric, lace, giant bows paired with straight cut jackets was such an fascinating contrast.

3. Dior

Catching the Dior show is always a must for me! And this year’s fall collection did not disappoint. Referencing the 60’s and the way women dressed when first entering into the workforce.

4. Giambattista Valli

This collection was a contrasting mix of straight line silhouettes and floating dresses bejewelled with sparkling details – both of which I fell in love with! Though my heart was alight anytime I saw something pink!

5. Elie Saab

With a mix of 70s style cowboy fringe and glittering glamour, this collection had me humming Elvis as I watched! And as this collection was aptly named “Memories of Graceland” how could I not? The sparkling embroidered dresses had me swooning!

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