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Megan’s Favourites: January

By February 2, 2024February 8th, 2024No Comments
The first month of the year is already behind us and there is only so much Summer left to enjoy. I am not ready to give up those balmy evenings and long days so I’ve been enjoying the season as much as possible!
This months favourites are about relishing in the sunshine, indulging with the perfect Summer cocktail and rewatching my favourite films.


The pattern on this Leo Lin dress is so gorgeous and it’s made out of a soft cotton. I wore it out to dinner and drinks down by the marina recently and it was just perfect for a Summer night out!


I am about half way through The Club by Ellery Lloyd (a writing duo) and I cannot put it down! It’s a mystery thriller and I am on the edge of my seat with this one…

This scent is just really fresh. It has notes of bergamot and lemon, it literally smells like the beach! I love citrusy fragrances, especially in warm weather so I am obsessed with this one.


I am dreaming about this Louis Vuitton tote bag! I adore the aged denim and how it’s a twist on their classic brown monogram. It would be the perfect bag for the beach or for shopping!


I have seen To Catch a Thief seven hundred million times…it’s one of my favourites to watch in Summer. Set along the French Riviera, I just love the gorgeous location of Monaco and all the beautiful fashion! It’s also just one of my favourite Grace Kelly films.

Alright, I know a martini is not a food but lychees are! And I am OBSESSED with lychee martinis at the moment. I had one of those “this is the best drink I have EVER had” moments and so I need to learn how to make it myself. It’s just the quintessential Summer cocktail!

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