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Megan’s Favourites: July

By August 15, 2023No Comments
While my feet may be back home, my head is certainly still happily lost wandering around Italy!
I had such a wonderful time away with my family and I’ve returned back to the studio with so much
inspiration – and a
renewed passion for pasta!



I bought this gorgeous dress in Positano and the floral print was perfect for enjoying walks around Rome while the sun set. I am also obsessed with this rouge ruched Valentino dress. It’s not something I own (it is on the wishlist!) but I’ve been daydreaming about it all month and can’t stop picturing myself sashaying around in it!


I only discovered this perfume towards the end of the month but I instantly fell head over heels for it! It’s a new version of Aerin’s signature rose fragrance, but this one is inspired by red roses. It literally smells like you have buried your nose in
thousands of fragrant red roses!

Maria Callas was a renowned opera singer and her voice is absolutely beautiful to listen to. Even though I don’t understand a word she is singing, it doesn’t matter. Her voice carries such emotion that you can feel everything! I’ve been listening to her a lot while I am busy illustrating and it is perfect.


I have seen Amelie a million times but every time it feels like the first. It is one of my favourite films and it always makes my heart feel so full!


Red is not a shade of lipstick I normally wear but while I was in Italy I feel in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s makeup. This classic red was impossible to ignore and I have become a little bit enamoured with it!

This one I have only just started but it has been recommended to me multiple times, and after hearing so many good things I had to add it to my reading list!

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