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The Megan Hess Iconic Exhibition in Seoul

During October of 2018, Megan Hess was fortunate enough to visit South Korea for the opening of the Megan Hess Iconic Exhibition. The exhibition, is the first of its kind, displayed Megan’s body of work like it’s never been seen before. More than 300 pieces of Megan’s work displayed large-scale on the walls of the 1600 square meter Seouliteum in Seoul.

Megan’s illustrations of the streets of New York from her book New York Through A Fashion Eye brought to life throughout the exhibition
Megan about to enter the Iconic exhibition for the very first time

The exhibition space was designed section by section to give the audiences a new and exciting experience of Megan’s work. Illustrated display rooms showcased her collaborative work with luxury brands as well as New York and Paris ‘through a fashion eye’ themed rooms to experience the streets of the fashion cities based on Megan’s books of the same name. An interactive red carpet and runway allowed for the audience to experience Megan’s iconic, chic characters walking the runway. Audiences were able to attend lectures of the opinion leaders, a fashion show at the runway zone, and countless other exciting events throughout the duration of the exhibition.

“The main theme of the exhibition is ‘fashion’ but it will be expressed with fashion illustration. This type of exhibition is being tried in Korea for the first time. The audiences will experience new fashion fantasy when they encounter Megan’s artworks.” Yohan Choi, the art director of the exhibition.

After launching the first exhibition in Korea, the exhibition will be introduced in Japan and China, following the same concept.

Megan entering the Iconic exhibition where over 300 pieces of her art will be displayed at large-scale
Megan standing in front one of her large than life illustrations from her book Coco Chanel: The Illustrated Life of a Fashion Icon
Exploring the 1600 square meter exhibition space showcasing Megan’s body of work

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