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A tropical escape for Megan Hess & Claris the Mouse

Earlier this year, Megan Hess partnered with luxury resort, Vakkaru Maldives, to celebrate the launch of Megan’s third children’s book, Bonjour Riviera. Bonjour Riviera is the third title from the Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris book series written and illustrated by Megan. We’re sitting down with Megan in her Melbourne studio, an enviable space to say the least, to chat all things tropical escape, fashion and, of course, Claris. The airy white studio, decorated with carefully selected gold pieces and huge framed illustrations by the artist, it’s like something straight from a magazine. Megan looks right at home in the light-filled space wearing a gorgeous white and gold Poca & Poca two piece suit with gold Chanel loafers…

Arriving in style on the Vakkaru Maldives sea plane
The beautiful setting for the Bonjour Riviera book launch

Ok, before we start.. The gold loafers.. WOW! 

They’re completely ridiculous and possibly a little bit crazy but they make me so happy every time I wear them! I love them!

Well, we feel the same! You and Claris were lucky enough to start the year by spending a number of amazing days in the Maldives! What brought you to this incredible part of the world?

The Maldives has always always been at the top of my list of dream travel destinations, so when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Vakkaru Maldives I knew this would truly be a once-in-a lifetime experience. Vakkaru Maldives would set the scene for the launch of my third Claris book, Bonjour Riviera. The glistening turquoise water of the Maldives perfectly reflects the hues of blue and green that I’ve used to illustrate Bonjour Riviera, making it the ideal location to launch the latest adventure of the Chicest Mouse in Paris!

How exciting! Can you tell us a little more about your adventures on the island? 

Well, firstly getting to Vakkaru Maldives was an adventure in itself! After flying from Melbourne to Malé, the capital of the Maldives, we then boarded a sea plane to take us the remainder of the journey. Flying over the crystal clear waters of the Maldives, seeing all the other beautiful islands beneath us was such a surreal experience! We landed at the indescribably beautiful resort and were welcomed with the most wonderful greeting of local musicians and the team at Vakkaru Maldives.

Then there was also a lot of adventure during my stay! Not only did Claris launch her third book but my chic little mouse also launched her first Resort Collection with Poca & Poca Petite… it is to die for!! I also held a master class in fashion illustration for the other guests staying on the island. I showed everyone attending how my illustrating style has evolved over the years with each guest illustrating three super chic fashion illustrations of their own! It was all so much fun!

The final touches! Before the guests arrival at the Megan Hess illustration masterclass

The Claris x Poca & Poca Resort Collection

What did you love about Vakkaru Maldives during your stay?

What didn’t I love!! Every aspect of Vakkaru Maldives was simply breathtaking – the beauty, the glamour, the water!! I had been stalking all their incredible photos online and I’m still pinching myself that I actually got to walk on water past all the heavenly looking huts and swimming in the idyllic ocean (the photos don’t do it justice!) And of course the food! Each meal was better than the last .. eating seafood at sunset accompanied by a blissful ocean breeze – there’s nothing better!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Vakkaru Maldives for their contribution to help fight the devastating Australian bushfires. Not only did they generously donate, but they also organised a huge gala dinner with all proceeds donated to Wires Wildlife Rescue, Australia. Experiencing other people caring about my home country reminded me how much love there is in the world, especially at times when we need it most.

What do you pack for a tropical getaway like the Maldives?

I love packing for tropical destinations like the Maldives! Whenever I go somewhere tropical, I make sure that all my outfits will match my mood while I’m there – bright and happy! I make sure I always pack some airy and colourful floral dresses for the day or a crazy printed twin set. Then for the evening, a long, floaty resort dress. I’ll also pack one chic, cream, light-weight jacket that will work with all my outfits. I’ll choose a hero flat for the day and maybe two different heels that go with all outfits. Then a few key pieces of jewellery to switch it up and two handbags to alternate my outfits.

The Claris themed dessert table at the Gala Dinner
Megan’s luggage full of colourful florals and touches of gold – ready for a tropical escape!

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