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How To: Choose the Right Print!

By May 22, 2024May 23rd, 2024No Comments

Picking a piece of artwork can be an overwhelming task! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you begin searching.

To help, I’ve made a guide so that you can make narrowing down your choices and picking the perfect print for you that much easier!


Deciding where you want your new artwork to hang is the first step! Do you want to lift the space of your lounge or add the finishing touch to your bedroom? The room will help with which direction you want to go in.

For example, my wardrobe gallery prints from the Escape Collection are perfect for your bedroom or dressing room.

A bonus for this collection is that they are also part of my personalised print collection – if you wish, you can add your name for that extra special touch!


After deciding on the location, you should ask yourself if you want the artwork to compliment the rest of the space, and blend in easily, or to stand out as a feature. Each room should only have one feature/focal point – you don’t want it to feel overwhelmed! So if you already have a piece of furniture as your focal point, your art should compliment it and not overpower in any way.

In the studio!

You can decide on the level of detail by choosing what style you want to go with – such as a single figure, a more detailed
illustration or a full scene.

from $395.00 AUD
from $395.00 AUD
from $395.00 AUD
from $395.00 AUD


Colour is always a great place to start if you aren’t sure on the level of detail.  You can compliment the rest of the room by picking a matching hue or sticking to a more neutral palette such as black, white and grey.

Keep in mind that a lot of black in a piece can take it from subtle to bold!


Considering the decor of the room can help with narrowing down style and colour! If you have a more neutral room, you can pick bold colours to make the artwork pop in the room. Or if your room has a palette, pick one colour from the palette and choose a print that way. You can also pick contrasting colours to give the room more vibrance and energy.

Framing is also important when it comes to the rest of the room. In the studio, I use all white frames so that the artwork blends in easily and just feels part of the space. In contrast, my home has ornate frames for some added texture. If unsure, you can never go wrong with a simple white (or black) frame.

You can read more about suiting prints to your decor here

In my home – adding texture and interest with gold frames!


I find that far too often people will pick something too small for the room as the size of the print will impact the space. Make sure to measure before purchasing – the easiest way to do this is to use masking tape or sheets of paper on the wall with the artwork dimensions so you can envision the artwork when you step back!

If you are deciding between two sizes, you can mark up both and take photos to compare which suits best. Don’t be afraid to go for something bold – bigger is usually better than smaller!

And if you are feeling a bit more tech savvy, you can always take a photo and superimpose the art onto the wall to get an idea of how it feels with the rest of the room.

Read more about hanging artwork here


The artwork you choose should be something you love! Going with your instincts and select what speaks to you means that that it will bring you joy every time you look at it.


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