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How To: Suit Artwork to Your Decor

By May 23, 2024No Comments

If you’re looking to add the finishing touch to a room with artwork, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding on what will suit your space. I have a few helpful tips to guide you when deciding what print to choose and what will complement your existing decor!

You can also use these same tips to match your decor with the print!


The room you want to hang the art in is key to deciding what print to choose! Bedrooms are a place of comfort and relaxation whereas your office is somewhere you want to be inspired. Each room has a different atmosphere and artwork is a reflection of the type of energy and emotions you want to express in a space.

My studio is where I spend a lot of my time and I need it to be a clean and bright space. The entire studio is white and so I keep all my artwork in white frames so they can blend into the rest of the room – it evokes a sense of calm that is key for me when it comes to helping me feel inspired and creative.

Soft pinks compliment the rest of the decor

You can also use artwork to tell a story – if you want to make a gallery wall, picking a uniting theme is a perfect way to create a feature in your home. You can pick something as simple as flowers to link your art pieces together and with your decor if you are a floral lover like me!


Colour is one of the easiest ways to decide on a print. And that doesn’t mean you have to pick the same colour as the rest of the room – though you certainly can! 

If you have a neutral colour scheme, you can pick bold colours to make the artwork pop. If you do want to keep to the same hues, and have a few different colours in your palette, pick one to narrow down your favourite print. You can also pick contrasting colours to give the room more vibrance and energy!

In my bedroom – the frame and print both compliment the bold wallpaper

Level of detail is also something to consider. My single figure fashion girls work well in many styles of home as they are simple in detail and can really be impacted by the frame you choose.

Something more detailed is going to rely on the rest of your decor. My Paris themed prints are perfect for softer interiors inspired by vintage elegance and interior design styles such as Parisian, traditional and eclectic. Whereas my print collections such as Fashion Week and New York inspired prints are bolder and would look fabulous in more modern styled homes!


Keeping in mind the style of your home can help narrow down what print to choose. If you have a modern style home, choosing prints with less detail will fit in seamlessly – however, picking something busier and more detailed is sure to stand out!

Picking prints that lean into the style of your home are going to help tie the room together.

Parisian chic and complementary colours

Framing is also important when it comes to the decor. In the studio, I use all white frames so that the artwork can blend in easily to merge with the rest of the space. My home is a bit different though and features beautiful gold ornate frames. If you are unsure, you can never go wrong with a simple white (or black) frame, however it is all about complimenting the style you already have. An ornate frame may look out of place in a minimalist and very modern styled home!

Want to learn more about framing artwork? Read here.

In my home with my ornate framed artwork


Each room should only have one focal point – whether it’s a piece of furniture or the art piece. If you already have a luxurious lounge or another piece of furniture as your focal point, use the art to complement it and choose an artwork that is less commanding.

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