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How To: Frame Your Art

By May 23, 2024No Comments

Need help framing your art? Framing is something that I get asked about quite frequently. Questions such as what is the best frame to pick and what style of frame is going to suit the artwork are the most common!

To help you through the process, I’ve outlined some key points to consider when it comes to framing your prints!


Before you decide on what style of frame you want, you need to decide on the size of frame. And this isn’t just the thickness of the frame but also the overall dimensions of the window of the frame as matting will affect what size you need for your print! For frame thickness, I usually pick frames that are relatively thin compared to the artwork, most of the frames I have are smaller than 5cm. A thick frame can be very dominating!

What is matting?
Matting, or passepartout, is a cut out that is a little bigger than the art print and sits over the top – like a window. It is generally made from acid free cardstock – you always want anything that is near your print to be acid free so it doesn’t damage the artwork. It allows your print some breathing space between the frame and art, giving it that professional framed look.

I use white matting for all my prints which is the most common. Matting width is usually around 3-5cm but you can also play with this. Using a large mat is a great way to frame smaller prints in larger frames.

Studio prints with white matting

Most of my artwork is matted, not only to frame the artwork but it also provides another
layer of protection between the glass and print.


With art prints such as mine, glass is needed to protect the artwork. Exposure to sunlight and artificial light can damage paper and make your print fade. No protection also means that the print can get dirty – it is much easier to clean glass than being left with dirty artwork! Just ensure the glass is clean when assembling the frame.

TIP: You don’t always need to use true glass – it is best to use plexiglass when it comes to larger prints as this is lighter and more durable than glass.


Framing is something that can be quite personal and really depends on your decor! With so many options to choose from it can be a little overwhelming. 

My handy tip is that if you have a modern home, you can never really go wrong with a white frame. This is how I frame the artwork in my studio and it really helps to blend the art into the wall – it’s as if the frame isn’t even there! It keeps the space clean and you can match all different sized prints together which is great for creating a gallery wall.

White framed and matted artwork in the studio
Ornate frames in my home
A white frame with ornate detailing 

If you want something in between, a great choice of frame is something white but with texture. Framing is an art of its own so don’t be afraid to get creative with it!


eep in mind size and weight! Glass is heavy and on a large print and may damage your walls if not strong enough – so making sure where you hang is sturdy enough is key!

You can learn more about hanging your artwork here

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