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How To: Style for the New Year

By January 10, 2024No Comments
Using a coffee cup as a mini vase is a great way to add a pop of colour
A touch of colour using my cushions

No matter whether you’re lounging with the windows wide open to let in a Summer breeze or curled up on the couch to keep warm on a chilly Winter’s day, I want inside to feel like a perfect Spring afternoon.

Since it’s a brand new year, it’s time to update the colour scheme! To lose myself in that magical Spring feeling, I am embracing dreamy pastels and the joy of florals.

I’ve made this guide to help create your own blooming haven and bring some whimsy to the start of 2024!


The main inspiration for this floral makeover is one of my illustrations from my Golden Hour Escape Print CollectionBellini Swing. I am a little bit obsessed with this colour palette at the moment, and it just brings back memories of my trip to Italy last year.

When decorating a room, I always like to start with choosing the art as I want it to be the main feature of the room, and as the inspiration, I also want the other decor to really compliment it and invoke the feeling of the illustration! I want to feel like I am sitting at bar in Venice, sipping on an Aperol Spritz as the sun sets on a balmy Summer day – the perfect golden hour!

The inspiration – Bellini Swing!
Changing the plates and tableware to my Lost in Paradise collection


With the artwork as inspiration and reference, I continue with the rest of the decor by choosing a few complimentary cushions. As most of my furniture is white, changing up the rest of the room when I want is an easy task. It also means that the cushions I’ve picked pop!

For the rest of the room, I want to add pieces of interests and one of the easiest ways to do that is with flowers. A few months ago, I made a handy little guide on different ways to use your coffee cups and one of the ways to utilise them is as a mini vase. Matching flowers to the illustration on the cup is a simple and effortless way to change things up. For this room, I’ve used my Martini Palms Coffee Cup with some pink roses!

By adding touches of pastel green via cushions and the mini vase, it breathes some life into the room and balances out the peaches and pinks. I’ve also continued the theme in the dining room by changing the table top to my Lost in Paradise Plate Set and Linen Table Runner.

You can read the different ways to use your coffee cups here.



For finishing touches, I usually place some of my favourite coffee table books. It’s great to have them easily available as a source of inspiration! Another addition is instead of candles, to use a diffuser with some light essential oils – it makes the room smell delightful and I also find it wonderful to help relax!

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