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How To: Style Your Room

By September 6, 2023No Comments

You don’t need to strip the walls and redo your entire room to give it a refresh, adding select pieces is all you need. I have made a handy guide on how to create the “gilded room” – touches of black and gold to bring elegance and glamour to your interior.

One of my new prints from the Suite Escape collection
Special Edition of Fashion House – perfect for interior inspiration!


Selecting what to hang can be tough! I love having lots of art on the walls and want these pieces to compliment each other and the rest of the room. By picking the artwork first, it helps me then choose all the complimentary pieces in the room.

For this gilded inspired room, I have picked two new illustrations from my Suite Escape collection. They all feature touches of gold and have girls in sleek black or cream couture. They can frame a room and add that finishing touch to complete an interior.

Press for Champagne Cushion
Just a few Chanel books…!


When I start to add to the room, I go to cushions first. Keeping your lounge in a classic shade – creams, greys or even black – makes it easier to change your decor when you need. I love keeping my furniture in soft shades, such as cream and white, as these make pieces like the Press for Champagne cushion pop.

Next,  I start to add to the rest of the room – the coffee table and any side tables, as well as any other pieces of interest. Not everyone has a mannequin in their lounge but it makes for a fun way to display a favourite scarf – or an easy way to grab it before you head out. As for the coffee table or even your bedside table if you are doing a bedroom, I like to pick a candle with gold accents as well as some books to add interest to the rest of the room.

You can read about picking the best candle for your room here.



To tie it all together, I add flowers – keeping it softer with some off white and cream so they don’t overpower the rest of the room! You can also add a throw with your cushions for those cooler months.

My Spoilt Rotten candle and more fashion books
You can never have too many cushions!

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